14-Day Body Cleanse
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Note to all buyers.  Upon clicking the Purchase button you will be redirected to the Let it Go Diet, LLC shopping cart.   This is similar to being redirected to Amazon or Google Store  to purchase goods, however, we use Big Commerce and Stripe; they are fun and secure. When checking out of your shopping cart, for payment, select "guest" for your eBook to be instantly emailed to you.  If you create a "log-in account" during check out you can instantly download your eBook.  Both ways are convenient.  Overall you will be pleased you are joining the let it go diet  body transformation movement.  There are no gimmicks - just food to eat. We put our love into each cleansing program. With all programs you will need a blender and juicer - they are  great investments to your health.
All cleansing programs can be purchased as instant downloadable file (.pdf ) to your computer or emailed to you (see details to left or click purchase).  Also, available is a physical book that can be shipped to your home.
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